A List of "CAN DO's" for Handyman Services

A handyman primarily works on existing structures such as homes, businesses, etc. They do repair work that does not require a permit such as: 

  • subcontracting, paneling, drywall
  • carpentry work, painting
  • tile installation, stone work
  • paving, trim work, texture coating
  • appliance repairs

They can install property fencing. A permit will need to be pulled from the building department. They can re-install or fix exisitng garage doors, no structural modifications.  A permit will need to be pulled from the builidng department. 


A list of "CAN NOT DO's" for handyman services

A handyman can not do roofing repairs, electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, adding or removing walls, adding or changing existing windows, pool repair, installations, well drilling air conditioning, or anything else that requires a state license.

Businesses that add or remove doors or windows will require a state license issued by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations.